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Company news



07 Aug 2022

Ostmann garden center uses unique technology from Commeo

Fully committed to sustainability

With its new garden center experience world covering a good 13,000 square meters, Ostmann in Oldenburg is now setting real standards: "It's a garden center unlike any other in Germany," explains Managing Director Rainer Ostmann. That's because the new store manages almost entirely without an external energy supply, offers its customers effective charging options in the parking lot, and saves plenty of precious water by collecting rain. "More sustainability is hardly possible at the moment". This future viability is guaranteed by Commeo's unique solutions. With its customized storage technology, the Wallenhorst-based battery specialist provides a multi-use case application that reliably meets the high requirements of one of Germany's largest garden centers.
The roof of the new Ostmann building in Oldenburg is adorned with a photovoltaic system that supplies the garden center almost entirely with energy. In addition, four charging columns for e-vehicles in the parking lot ensure the mobility of particularly environmentally conscious customers. In order to ensure the high energy requirements of the operation at all times, Commeo has installed a total of four pouch cabinets, each with 14 energy storage blocks. The capacity of the ensemble totals 249.2 kilowatt hours.
On the one hand, this solution optimizes the operation's own consumption, but also supplies the four charging columns with sufficient energy at all times. The maximum output of the photovoltaic modules of 400 kilowatt peak (kWp) is made optimally usable by four inverters with an output of 100 kilowatts each. The storage unit is connected to the grid via an inverter with 400 volts AC.
"An exciting project that impressively demonstrates how reliably we can already meet the requirements of the future in the commercial sector in addition to industrial applications," explains Michael Schnakenberg, Managing Director of Commeo GmbH. "Sustainable management now also pays off in several respects."

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22 Jul 2022

Commeo develops technology for climate-neutral fitness studios

Training sustainably

More and more sports enthusiasts are also paying attention not only to their health, but increasingly to the protection of the environment and resources. Sustainability will therefore be a fundamental requirement for fitness studios in the future in order to retain customers and offer holistic concepts. Training equipment that is switched on around the clock and burning lights inevitably lead to high power consumption in the facilities. In addition, there are further requirements for an efficient charging infrastructure for customers' electric cars and e-bikes. To meet these needs, Commeo, the specialist in high-performance battery storage systems, has developed a pilot system that can provide all-around green power to fitness studios.
The ambitious project supplies the necessary energy for a fitness studio of around 2,000 square meters near the company's headquarters, which, in addition to its sports equipment and building services, also operates a total of four charging stations for up to eight customer vehicles. A photovoltaic system on the roof of the studio generates electricity to supply the charging stations and the demand generated in the building. The highlight of the system is the intelligent battery storage and the unique Commeo EMS energy management system. The generated energy is temporarily stored in innovative and highly secure pouch cell modules. The storage system used by the battery specialists has a capacity of 66.8 kilowatt hours. The regulation of all requirements for the entire plant is handled by the energy management system, also developed by Commeo, which also fulfills many important additional functions.
Thus, it not only shows the current electricity demand for all applications and the amount of energy generated. The system also makes it easy to determine how much electricity should be supplied to individual charging stations. Another advantage of Commeo technology is that all parameters are tracked - and thus comparable. This means that load peaks at certain times become transparent and the adaptive system can react at an early stage and provide the amount of electricity required in each case.
In addition, in the future, determined values such as the location-based sunshine duration will also be included in the control system: The Commeo EMS creates its own weather forecast from the average data and adjusts all relevant settings of the connected machines based on this. The intelligent battery storage systems thus know in advance when and how much power they will store or release - an invaluable advantage in the reliable provision of energy, especially when the sun is not shining.
Thus, the vision of a climate-neutral gym is no longer a pipe dream.
This application again shows one of the numerous possible solutions for the respective specific issues from industry and commerce. Commeo storage systems are solutions of German engineering. Engineered and Made in Wallenhorst, Germany.

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24 May 2022

All new: Commeo EMS energy management system

Flexible control of the “Internet of things”

The innovative Commeo EMS energy management system combines hardware and software with a view to all the requirements of Industry 4.0. It analyses, visualizes and controls the energy flow and the associated data streams from energy infrastructures and industrial and commercial systems in order to achieve maximum efficiency. The Commeo EMS is a logical and necessary step in the process of digital transformation to integrate the energy supply and individual energy flows into the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). As a result, machines and automation technology in industrial applications can be integrated into standard EMS and integrated into the existing charging infrastructure (e.g. photovoltaics).
With its database-based approach, the Commeo EMS enables a semantic network of objects, real-time values, complex relationships and functions within the database to connect and control the software with the existing devices. In this way, the gap between the virtual and the real world can be closed in terms of Industry 4.0. With a special 24/7 computing unit, the EMS ensures the necessary stability in the energy supply process. The heart of the Commeo EMS is the specially developed database in the background, which is based on objects with properties and values, their relationships to other objects, as well as functions and logic.

Flexible integration
This structure enables a virtual representation of the real world – the image of an existing infrastructure via digital twins. This can be enriched with individual data and properties, complex relationships and functions such as “self-consumption optimization”. Once created, each new object or function of the EMS database is stored in a shared library and can be reused for other applications – not only by the creator himself, but also by all other users of the EMS. This means that the operator of a system benefits from the work of each individual user when it comes to integrating new devices or tools into an infrastructure.

Efficient integration
The Commeo EMS can manage all digitally communicating devices – whether hardware such as inverters and battery systems or software such as virtual machines, ERP or CRM tools. Atypical devices such as PLC controls can also be connected, since all common and many other digital industrial languages and interfaces are supported. All devices are created as pseudo-physical objects and used to monitor, store, analyze
data and manage functions of the physical equivalent in real time. Even the modeling of a virtual machine in the EMS with subsequent connection of the real physical components is possible. With this structure, the EMS adapts efficiently to the existing situation at the customer during implementation and expansion – and not vice versa. Comprehensive multi-site platform The Commeo EMS can also be installed on different hardware for a wide variety of requirements. As a result, it is now possible to create and extend decentralized solutions. The solution from the Wallenhorst specialists can even be implemented at
different locations in several countries at the same time and connected to form a comprehensive platform. With an almost unlimited number of interfaces and manageable devices, with updates and new functionalities remotely, without the need for users to use a specific programming language and with all data stored on servers and devices, easy and secure integration into existing system and energy
infrastructures. “This means that even ‘white labeling’, i.e. the use of adapted GUIs or the connection to other GUIs or apps, is possible at any time without any problems,” explains Michael Schnakenberg, Managing Director of Commeo GmbH. “You can even ‘tell’ a machine how to react to changing mains voltages. This prevents production downtime and helps to identify and solve connection or communication
problems. In short, with our Commeo EMS, we offer for the first time a true industrial multi-language hub that provides maximum integration and independently accompanies all digital developments in the industry to ensure that our energy solutions continue to operate properly in 10 years’ time.”

Cost advantage
Another big advantage of the Commeo EMS is the cost savings: It enables inexpensive adjustments and extensions to be made by your own employees – without any programming knowledge. New, cost-saving functions such as peak shaving or UPS can also be easily added if required. The innovative energy management system from Commeo can be seen for the first time from May 11th on at the stand of the Wallenhorst specialists B2.310 at the Munich exhibition center on the occasion of The Smarter E / ees 2022.

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12 Apr 2022

AFK acquires German energy storage specialist Commeo as part of Ampwell strategy

A further step into a promising future

Arendals Fossekompani ASA (AFK) and Commeo GmbH (Commeo), hereby announce that AFK has acquired a majority stake in Commeo, a German company specializing in energy storage and energy management solutions. AFK is a Norwegian listed industrial investment company with a portfolio of sustainable energy and technology related companies.
AFK is happy to announce the acquisition of a majority share of Commeo on April 6th, 2022. “After having screened several battery related companies in Germany and neighboring countries, and after several discussions and meetings with the Commeo team, we have agreed with the shareholders of Commeo to acquire a 54.9 % stake of the company. We feel that we have become part owners of one of the most exciting
energy storage companies in Europe, and we are extremely happy that we have reached an agreement with the Commeo shareholders”, says Torkil Mogstad, Executive Vice President at AFK.

“Energy storage is key in an increasingly volatile energy system where intermittent wind and solar energy is introduced while coal, gas and nuclear energy are phased out. Commeo fits well into our portfolio of companies in the energy technology space and becomes an important piece of our new battery-centered concept called Ampwell,” says Ørjan Svanevik, CEO of Arendals Fossekompani.

Commeo provides solutions for commercial and industrial energy storage by manufacturing battery modules and rack systems, including control units and software for monitoring and data logging. An example of how Commeo systems are used is ‘peak-shaving’ energy consumption, which is to use energy from the battery racks during peak price periods to avoid steep tariffs charged by the energy system operators. Headquartered in Wallenhorst, Commeo employs 50 people and reported revenues of EUR 3.5 million in 2021. The company is on a strong growth trajectory and plans to build a new factory.

Established in 2014, Commeo has developed its proprietary energy storage system and is now in a position where the product can be manufactured on an industrial scale. The production process and capacity will improve significantly with new production facilities, where construction will start later this year. Commeo systems typically range from 50 kWh to 1 MWh, but the modular plug-and-play setup allows for even larger systems.

“We see an already strong and growing customer demand for Commeo’s solutions and look forward to building the company further together with AFK. As a result of our independence and foresight in securing the supply chain, Commeo is still able to deliver products within just three months despite increasing demand, and a new production plant will allow us to serve an even greater part of the market for stationary charging”, says Michael Schnakenberg, CEO of Commeo.

AFK is impressed by the strong team at Commeo and is looking forward to working with all employees to reach the next goals. “We also want to strengthen further Commeo’s already strong relations with existing suppliers, distributors, partners and customers”, says Torkil Mogstad.

Commeo’s battery system is modular and therefore scalable from kW to MW scale, which makes it suitable not only for commercial and industrial use, but also for utilityscale applications. “Commeo will support both industrial clients and the energy grid itself,” says Torkil Mogstad, responsible for building Ampwell, a new battery-centered company recently established in AFK.

With Commeo as a key building block, Ampwell will combine hardware from Commeo with competence and technology from AFK portfolio companies Volue and EFD Induction, as well as Cellect Energy, to build an eco-system for battery technology and a Battery-as-a-Service business model.

AFK has high ambitions for its battery storage business and aims to become a leading service provider in a European market that is expected to see tremendous growth the next decade. Through Ampwell, AFK hopes to be an even bigger part of the energy solution in Europe, with Commeo as a very important part.
Arendals Fossekompani
Arendals Fossekompani (AFK) is a green-tech investment company that owns energyand technology-related companies which enable the transition to a green economy. AFK operates globally in several future-oriented industries, including 3D printing, algo trading, satellite services, battery- and solar technology, software, and digitization. Established in 1896, AFK has been a proud producer of renewable hydro power for
more than 100 years. The company is headquartered in Arendal, Norway and listed at the Oslo Stock Exchange.

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