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BlueSky Energy triples turnover

Saltwater batteries for domestic and commercial storage solutions sold to 22 countries
Vöcklamarkt, Nov 11th, 2019. The Austrian manufacturer for saltwater battery storage systems, BlueSky Energy, opened up numerous new markets this year and almost tripled its sales. The company currently markets its brand GREENROCK Home and Business in 22 countries in Europe, America, Africa and Asia. In 2020, a further 30 countries will be added, including India, Norway, Mexico, Brazil and Canada. The contracts with the local sales partners have already been signed. BlueSky Energy Managing Director Helmut Mayer plans to further expand his own sales team in 2020.
Turnaround in the storage market
"We have made a substantial growth and established ourselves as a successful storage provider on the international market in 2019," explains Mayer. He adds: "70 percent of our storage systems are installed where there is a particularly high need for safety. These are family homes, schools and public facilities.

Mayer notes a trend reversal: "So far, the storage market has been driven by public subsidies. Today, consumers are increasingly opting for a storage facility to optimize their energy consumption, regardless of whether they receive subsidies or not."
More than 400 certified electrical engineers
Since the launch of its certification program in March 2019, BlueSky Energy has trained more than 400 electrical engineers from Europe and Africa. While the storage manufacturer initially concentrated on electrical specialists in the German-speaking areas, due to high demand BlueSky Energy has been offering the training in English and Dutch since this year. "This year, participants from Belgium, Finland, Croatia, the Netherlands, Nigeria, Norway, Slovenia, Spain and Hungary travelled to our training courses for the first time," Mayer is pleased to report. As certified partners, they can advise their customers comprehensively and are allowed to install GREENROCK Home and Business systems.
Integrated energy management
Since this year, BlueSky Energy has equipped all of its GREENROCK Home and Business storage systems with an integrated energy management system. It provides its users with revealing figures and graphics on energy consumption, feed-in and reference power as well as solar power and wind production. Thanks to the energy management system, radio sockets, heating elements and charging stations can now be integrated into the overall system. BlueSky Energy has specially adapted the newly developed charging algorithm to saltwater batteries. It ensures an accurate and reliable display of the battery capacity.
New off-grid solutions for 2020
In 2020, BlueSky Energy plans to develop smaller off-grid solutions for allotments and caravans and optimize its systems for use in decentralized regions of Africa.
About BlueSky Energy

BlueSky Energy is a provider of turnkey energy storage solutions with saltwater batteries with locations in Austria, Belgium and the US. The company was founded in 2012 and has successfully implemented hundreds of projects since then. BlueSky Energy offers home storage systems with capacities from 5 to 30 kilowatt hours as well as commercial storage solutions with capacities from 30 to 270 kilowatt hours.
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Figure 1: Internationally successful: BlueSky Energy's worldwide sales network
Figure 2: 22 new partners: In October, BlueSky Energy trained and certified electrical and PV installers from Austria and Bavaria in Frankenburg, Austria.

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