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AEG Power Solutions Announces Convert SC Flex, its Upgraded & Flexible Storage Converter at Energy Storage Europe 2018

  • Increased maximum power up to 1 MW
  • Reduced costs and easier to maintain
  • Flexible DC input range: ready for use with any types of battery
Warstein-Belecke, Germany, March 6, 2018 - AEG Power Solutions, a global provider of power supply systems and solutions for all types of critical and demanding applications, announces its upgraded storage converter, Convert SC Flex. The system has been completely revamped to increase the power range of each unit up to 1000 kVA* and to provide maximum flexibility on input power.

Convert SC Flex bi-directional power converter with IGBT technology is based on the extensive experience of AEG Power Solutions in both power supply and conversion. The new system benefits of an enhanced power range up to 1MW for a single unit and provides an outstanding conversion efficiency factor for both the charging and discharging phases. Convert SC Flex offers a wide range of DC input voltage which spans from 330 V to 1000 V. This allows to use the converter with any type of battery technology.

As the core element of any battery energy storage system, the converter charges and discharges batteries to store or provide power according to the application requirement such as frequency control, peak shaving, energy shifting (temporary storage to re-inject power when maximizing profitability), or voltage control (often used to balance the voltage instability generated by integration of renewables in the grid).

As its predecessor SC.600, the Convert SC Flex includes an option for seamless transition between off-grid and on-grid mode. This extends the battery energy system’s usage beyond its core functions, such as peak shaving for system back-up in the event of a grid blackout. This feature is crucial when battery energy storage is used in areas where grid reliability is at stake or for full off-grid applications.

Thanks to the on-grid off- grid mode seamless transition capability, AEG PS solution for battery storage installation becomes ideally suited to support any type of energy storage application as well as simultaneously secure power supply for critical processes and infrastructure.

Convert SC Flex is one of the key component of the innovative hybrid energy storage solutions designed by AEG PS, which combines battery energy storage with Power-To-Heat and significantly reduces the cost of primary-frequency power operation. The solution has been chosen by swb Erzeugung AG & Co. KG (swb) a Bremen-based German utility for its primary-frequency control power operations and will become operational June 2018.

“Convert SC Flex was designed based on our experience with SC.600 and our knowledge of market requirements, explains Andreas Becker, head of Energy Storage at AEG Power Solutions. Its full flexibility in terms of DC input as well as its increased power capacity makes it a solution of choice and excellence when it comes to power conversion for energy storage systems of any kind. The new design also optimizes the cost of the product but also simplifies its maintenance and consequently improves operational costs for our customers.”

Convert SC Flex is available. AEG Power Solutions will be present at Energy Storage Düsseldorf to introduce it, hall 8B, Stand C27.

*) usable power varies according to battery voltage

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