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Ostmann garden center uses unique technology from Commeo

Fully committed to sustainability

With its new garden center experience world covering a good 13,000 square meters, Ostmann in Oldenburg is now setting real standards: "It's a garden center unlike any other in Germany," explains Managing Director Rainer Ostmann. That's because the new store manages almost entirely without an external energy supply, offers its customers effective charging options in the parking lot, and saves plenty of precious water by collecting rain. "More sustainability is hardly possible at the moment". This future viability is guaranteed by Commeo's unique solutions. With its customized storage technology, the Wallenhorst-based battery specialist provides a multi-use case application that reliably meets the high requirements of one of Germany's largest garden centers.
The roof of the new Ostmann building in Oldenburg is adorned with a photovoltaic system that supplies the garden center almost entirely with energy. In addition, four charging columns for e-vehicles in the parking lot ensure the mobility of particularly environmentally conscious customers. In order to ensure the high energy requirements of the operation at all times, Commeo has installed a total of four pouch cabinets, each with 14 energy storage blocks. The capacity of the ensemble totals 249.2 kilowatt hours.
On the one hand, this solution optimizes the operation's own consumption, but also supplies the four charging columns with sufficient energy at all times. The maximum output of the photovoltaic modules of 400 kilowatt peak (kWp) is made optimally usable by four inverters with an output of 100 kilowatts each. The storage unit is connected to the grid via an inverter with 400 volts AC.
"An exciting project that impressively demonstrates how reliably we can already meet the requirements of the future in the commercial sector in addition to industrial applications," explains Michael Schnakenberg, Managing Director of Commeo GmbH. "Sustainable management now also pays off in several respects."

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