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Commeo develops technology for climate-neutral fitness studios

Training sustainably

More and more sports enthusiasts are also paying attention not only to their health, but increasingly to the protection of the environment and resources. Sustainability will therefore be a fundamental requirement for fitness studios in the future in order to retain customers and offer holistic concepts. Training equipment that is switched on around the clock and burning lights inevitably lead to high power consumption in the facilities. In addition, there are further requirements for an efficient charging infrastructure for customers' electric cars and e-bikes. To meet these needs, Commeo, the specialist in high-performance battery storage systems, has developed a pilot system that can provide all-around green power to fitness studios.
The ambitious project supplies the necessary energy for a fitness studio of around 2,000 square meters near the company's headquarters, which, in addition to its sports equipment and building services, also operates a total of four charging stations for up to eight customer vehicles. A photovoltaic system on the roof of the studio generates electricity to supply the charging stations and the demand generated in the building. The highlight of the system is the intelligent battery storage and the unique Commeo EMS energy management system. The generated energy is temporarily stored in innovative and highly secure pouch cell modules. The storage system used by the battery specialists has a capacity of 66.8 kilowatt hours. The regulation of all requirements for the entire plant is handled by the energy management system, also developed by Commeo, which also fulfills many important additional functions.
Thus, it not only shows the current electricity demand for all applications and the amount of energy generated. The system also makes it easy to determine how much electricity should be supplied to individual charging stations. Another advantage of Commeo technology is that all parameters are tracked - and thus comparable. This means that load peaks at certain times become transparent and the adaptive system can react at an early stage and provide the amount of electricity required in each case.
In addition, in the future, determined values such as the location-based sunshine duration will also be included in the control system: The Commeo EMS creates its own weather forecast from the average data and adjusts all relevant settings of the connected machines based on this. The intelligent battery storage systems thus know in advance when and how much power they will store or release - an invaluable advantage in the reliable provision of energy, especially when the sun is not shining.
Thus, the vision of a climate-neutral gym is no longer a pipe dream.
This application again shows one of the numerous possible solutions for the respective specific issues from industry and commerce. Commeo storage systems are solutions of German engineering. Engineered and Made in Wallenhorst, Germany.

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